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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vroom, Vroom! Monster Truck Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday.  It's great to be 4!  Cake is chocolate & vanilla layered - all accessories are fondant and gumpaste.  The wheels are rice cereal treats covered in fondant. 
The ground is chocolate icing and crushed chocolate cookies.
The cupcakes are chocolate/vanilla swirled that were so sweet, they didn't need frosting (according to my 17 yr. old son), with crushed cookies and a fondant truck.
When I delivered the cake, Stephen was pretty excited - and then he saw the Hot Wheels cars underneath the monster truck.  "Are those for me?"  (We didn't tell him that they were cars his mom gave me to put on the cake.)  All those years I could have just put my kids old toys on  a cake and they would have seemed like new toys all over again. Cake and a handful of cars.  Sweet deal for a 4 yr. old.