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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Fairy Garden Cake

Fairy Garden Cake created for the "That Takes the Cake" sugar art show in Austin Texas.  This cake ended up taking 1st place in the "tiered novelty, professional division".  It all sounds pretty impressive until you realize that you received the same medal as all the kids in the kid's division (best use of sprinkles, best yellow cake, etc.)  Ha!  just kidding!  it was an honor to win as there were some pretty amazing cakes!  This took approximately a total of 30 hours to create - lots of little details.  

My favorite parts?  The garden gnome, the fairy wings (made out of gelatin) and the moss (made from chopped up fondant - brown, dk. green, olive green and bright green - pasted it to the board with piping gel, then sprayed it with water to get all the layers to stick.

Now the question is, does anyone want a fairy cake? 

here are the details: 

Spiderman Cake - Icing Smiles

Another Cake for icing smiles - a charity that provides cakes for kids who are receiving medical services on their birthdays.  This little guy was so adorable and has a long way to go.  Hope this is the first of many more birthdays to come.

Bronze beaded Wedding Cake & gold cake pops

So many beads!  Holy Cow they were EVERYWHERE!  Since there are no bronze beads to be had from a store I had to color them  myself.  Took me 3 trips back to the store to get enough beads!  I wasn't too sure about the emerald green with the bronze, but I think it really makes the cake!  (The cake matched the bride's wedding dress. )

French Bulldog Grooms Cake

This is Odie - the groom's beloved dog.  I think the cake ended up being bigger than the actual dog!

beaded wedding cake

Planes, trains and automobiles cake

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Superman Groom's Cake

Winter One-derland (Wonderland) 1st birthday cookies and cakeballs

Mini Mouse Cake, Cupcakes and Cakeballs

Grease Cake

Nemo and Dory Cake

Construction Cake

Elmo Cake

Eagle Scout Cake

Gold & Cream Wedding Cake

Red and Gold Lace Anniversary Cake

Winter Snowflake Cake

Tea Cup and Lace Birthday Cake

Holly & Ornament Christmas Cake

Tea Cup Birthday Cake