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Our cupcakes are fun and delicious -- you pick the flavor and we'll help you design a decoration that will make your cupcakes irresistable!
Great for ANY occasion.  Prices vary depending on what you decide to put on top.
Call or email for pricing.

Marilee 214-334-4789 --

Our favorite flavors: vanilla, chocolate, dark chocolate fudge, toffee, lemon, lime, strawberry, white chocolate, spice, caramel, and more!


dulce de leche - muy SWEET!

toffee with caramel frosting __ spiced chocolate with clementine frosting -- lime with whipped cream frosting

Fondant and mini sugar cookie toppers.

Wedding cupcakes: caramel apple spice with cinnamon cream cheese, vanilla with raspberry cream, red velvet with cream cheese.  Add adorned with a chocolate heart.

vanilla with raspberry buttercream frosting
Marshmallow Fluff Cupcake
chocolate cupcake, marshmallow fluff frosting, creme filling, dipped in chocolate

Neopolitan cupcake (strawberry, chocolate and vanilla) with marshmallow frosting.

Vanilla Cupcake with Fluffy Marshmallow Topping

Lemon Meringue Pie

Triple Chocolate fudge with Ganache and Marshmallow Frosting

Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Apple Caramel Spice
(apple spice cupcake, drizzled with caramel,
 topped with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting and toasted pecans)

Strawberry Shortcake
(vanilla cupcake, strawberry glaze  filling, whipped cream topping garnished with a fresh strawberry)