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Friday, April 22, 2011

I Love Boys -- Air Soft Gun Cake

If I had realized that one day all the girl stuff would be gone from my life I would have lingered in it a little more. 

Or ordered more girls.

Since my daughter left for college my life has been reduced to living in a locker room - and the only channels that seem to be available on our system are ESPN and the military channel.

The last few weeks in particular have been boys, boys and more boys.
And airsoft wars, and more and more airsoft wars.

There are air soft pellets ALL over the back yard - they've made their way into every nook, cranny and crack available.

So I shouldn't have been surprised when my son asked for an airsoft gun cake for his birthday.
The "jar of pellets" is a stack of round brownie layers with recess peanut butter cups, kit kats and butterfingers sandwiched inbetween each layer.  The lid is rice crispie treats and the "pellets" "in" the jar are sixlets.

The gun itself is made of brownies and rice crispie treats covered in black fondant.  The boys were more interested in eating the gun than the brownie overloaded cake!

Happy Birthday Daniel