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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Baby Einstein Cake for 1 yr. old Brie!

One of the fun side effects of doing cakes, is dipping a toe back into a world I used to live in. My kids are well beyond the Baby/Little Einsteins and the Disney Channel.  I never saw this day coming - there were days when I thought we'd be living in the Barney/Rugrats world forever.  More and more there are a whole new crop of kids shows and characters that I don't recognize.  Who knew I'd get so old?  It's fun to be able to peek in without having to actually watch the shows over and over and over like we did when my kids were little.

Brie's mom sent me a picture of the plates (featuring several characters from the Baby Einsteins show) she was using for the party.  I placed fondant replicas of these characters around the bottom layer of the cake.  The top of the cake featured gumpaste flowers, a crispie treat bumble bee and a caterpiller made out of gumballs.

Happy 1st Birthday, Brie.  I wonder what kids shows will be in vogue when you're as old as me!