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Sunday, September 4, 2016

The summer that wasn't

Ironic that my last post was May 28th.

Why?  Because it was my last post before May 31st which is when I popped myself off the back of a motorcycle while learning how NOT to stop.  One of those dumb moments in life that could have been MUCH worse. It resulted in  a broken tibia and elbow which netted me a steel plate and a handful of screws in my leg, and LOTS of downtime (6 weeks non-weight bearing), and not a lot else.

I had to cancel 7 cakes that weekend - disappointed a lot of very gracious people who had to scramble to find replacement cakes for graduations and 1st birthdays at the last minute!  With the help of a wheelchair, my daughter and 9 (yes, 9!) friends we were able to eek out 2 cakes the following weekend, but it proved I was pretty much done with caking for a while.

Honestly the broken elbow was the most debilitating when it came to cakes.  Couldn't lift a bowl or scrape frosting out effectively, and typical cake-making maneuvers such as spreading frosting and rolling fondant was excruciating, not to mention that I couldn't lift nor carry cakes.

So grateful for good friends and family who nursed me back to health, vacuumed my floor for me, did my dishes, brought me food and kept me company while doing Physical Therapy in the pool.  So, summer is over and I watched most of it float by as I sat in my recliner.  I've been back at it for a couple of weeks now -- taking things really slow -- I can walk now (ok, it's more like a shuffle), but so glad to be making progress and have my hands back in the sugar!