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Monday, October 20, 2014

Split Bride and Groom Cake

This cake has a story.
First of all it was such a fun idea to combine the grooms love of all things motorcycle, and the bride's desire for a little fluff and bling!  

The cake started out as a 4-tier cake -- all tires on one side, and all roses and bling on the other.  A little voice in my head kept telling me to take a picture before we moved it, but i really wanted the picture at the venue.  So off we started...

Within a few blocks, this is what the bottom tier looked like:

I've dealt with a lot of cake situations, but this is definitely a first.

ugh!  So we pulled over at an apartment complex and took advantage of their trashcan and a sink to clean up and hurried on our way (now cutting it close on the delivery time).

By the time we arrived, the 3rd and top tiers were all that were salvagable.  We spent a few tense moments in the back room of the venue scraping off old damaged fondant and replacing it with frosting.  Then off on a frantic search for cake from Costco to replace the lost servings which were now at the bottom of a trash can and all over the back of my car.  If you were one of the many people on I-35 that I cut off that afternoon, please accept my appologies -- cake emergencies notwithstanding I'm usually a much better person.

Thanks to my assistant, Margie for keeping me sane and being a cool head!  I couldn't do this without you!  (at least it would be NO FUN!)

Thanks to the Bride and Groom who were more than gracious!
Thanks to Stephanie Boyd, wedding planner extraordinaire - one of the best at what she does for having my back.

Such a terrible end to a beautiful cake. 
Lessons learned:  there is such a thing as too much doweling, and no transporting 4 tier cakes again!

(by the way, in case you're wondering, frosting vacuums up quite nicely once dried, and the scraps were delicious).