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Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy 50th Birthday Cliff

Cliff turned 50 this week, and his wife (who doesn't turn 50 until next week) mocked the "old man" and then threw a surprise party for him, complete with tennisball-topped cupcakes (not pictured), and a mini tennis cake with fondant Cliff on top.  Hope the next 50 are even better than the first!

Cake is frosted in chocolate fudge, topped with a fondant Cliff figure and tennis court.  The band that wraps the base of the cake is also fondant with lettering cut on my cricut cake (!) cutter out of sugar sheets.
(Just FYI, the cricut works great on sugar sheets -- still trying to make the fondant and gum past cuts work out.....).
The picture was taken in the car on the way to delivery -- forgot to snap it before we got out the door!