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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cupcakes are EVIL

I was going to be good this week - lay off the sweets a little (let's just say things were getting out of hand).  So I made plans to eat better - maybe walk the dog with a little more zeal.

And then the cupcakes happened.

Made these for a 50th birthday party - the toppers are mini sugar cookies.  Of course there was extra frosting left in the bag - and of course I had some ugly cupcakes (the rejects) within arm's reach.  I thought, "I'd better try these and make sure they taste OK, before I send them off to the party."

Just one bite.

...and before I knew it, I had slammed 2 (!) WHOLE cupcakes.  Taste test completed.  Cupcakes passed.  My diet?  epic fail.