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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beyblade Cake

You may be wondering why I'm posting a picture of an out-of-focus, not-yet-finished Beyblade Cake.
It's actually quite fitting as the chain of events getting to this point are pretty blurry as well.
I got the date of delivery on this cake wrong.  So when she showed up one day earlier than expected, it threw me into a state of pandemonium.  I had the hard parts (the beyblades - made from gum paste, and the rim of the cake - made out of cereal treats, but hadn't yet made the cakes or the frostings.  I was in a conference about 30 minutes from home when my daughter called to say they were there to pick up the cake.  PANIC!
So we promised to deliver the cake to the birthday venue before the party was over.
I left the conference, and coached my daughter, who is home from college for the summer, through making fondant and buttercream frosting over the phone while I raced home.  I stopped by the grocery store and bought a couple of cakes on the way and made it home in less than 25 minutes.
My daughter scraped the frosting off the cakes while I finished the buttercream and the fondant, then I cut a square cake to make it into a round cake, stacked and frosted it and then we quickly put the fondant on.  My daughter snapped this picture on her phone while I was finishing the details and we dashed out the door leaving a MASSIVE mess behind. ( I wish we had taken a picture of the kitchen before we left because it was a sight to behold -- took me a full hour to clean up when we got home.) 
We made it with a minute to spare, and I now have a new system for tracking cake orders!