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Monday, October 25, 2010

14 bags of frosting later...

Got a call from a friend who is the booster club president for her daughter's High School Theater Club. She wanted a few cupcakes (with toppers) for their "gift table" for their upcoming production of "Once Upon a Mattress", and then ordered custom-made toppers for each of the leads, and several other cast members, too.

She sent pictures and I tried to match the costumes, hair, etc. in frosting. So I ended up with 14 different colors of frosting. It was a frosting palooza!

The Princess and the Pea

All packed up and ready to travel!
The pea
Princess Winifred
Lady Larkin
The Jester
Ensemble Cast Member
The Minstral
Lady in Waiting
Ensemble Dancer
Captain Henry
Prince Dauntless
The Queen
Lady in Waiting