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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Parker turns 6!
He wanted "rollercoaster golf" cake.

The rollercoaster hills are brownies baked in a round pan, cut in half and cemented to the sides of a 9X13 cake with buttercream and toothpicks.

The top of the rollercoaster has a track of buttercream frosting and fruit roll-ups with a border of gobstoppers.

The rollercoaster cars are formed out of chocolate and are filled with all kinds of candy.

The golf hole is made from green non pareils, the golf ball is a gum ball, and there's even an actual "hole" on the other side of the windmill. The windmill is cereal treats covered in fondant, with sugar wafer cookies for the windmill blades.

The "parker" figures (golfing and in the front seat of the roller coaster) are made out of fondant. They're not nearly as cute as the real Parker, but pretty close!

And what's even better is that I am Parker's new best friend -- he even invited me up to his room so I could watch him play video games! Happy Birthday Parker -- 6 is a GREAT year!