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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The CupCake Phase

As my kids grew older, all they ever wanted for their birthday cakes were "cookie cakes". These were cookies baked in a pizza pan and covered with frosting and a couple of pounds of chocolate.

Delicious. yes. Satisfying for me? no.

I picked up a book on decorating cupcakes at a book fair and spent the next few Sunday afternoons creating cupcake after cupcake. This evolved into creating some of my own designs and a personalized version started showing up on top of the cookie cakes.

The little baseball player is created by a cupcake and donut layering technique. He has a tootsie roll glove and bat and a gumball baseball. He's complete with the team logo on the front of the shirt and the number on the back.

Here are a few others of my cupcake creations - some of which never made it to the cake.

Cupcake Nativity

An oboe-playing duck.

a princess

a saxophone player